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A Complete Guide on How You Can Book a VIP Desert Safari Tour

If you are planning to explore the aesthetic sands in Dubai Desert Safari, you have arrived at the right place. Be it a morning Safari tour or an evening Safari tour you’ve got nothing to worry about. We’ve prepared a complete guide on how you can book a  Desert Safari Tour. During this Safari adventure tour, you will learn fascinating facts about the desert culture, lifestyle, and other important things. Let’s head to our guide, and enjoy the finest richness of the desert Safaris, the adventure awaits…

Research the Desert Safari Tour Providers

Considering a wide range of dessert Safari tour providers it can be difficult to choose the one that best fits your requirements. For make an informed decision, you need to research different types of desert safari providers. Look for a reputable tour provider. Being reputable means that it should have excellent feedback from its previous clients. Or whether it provides you with a planned itinerary professional guides and quality vehicles. Also, check the safety measures and the first aid they are providing. Choosing the right provider such as Dubai Executive Tours the best tour agency in UAE, will make your dessert Safari tour, unique and memorable.

Desert Safari tour

What kind of desert safari events do you want?

When it comes to the kind of desert Safari tour you want, it’s difficult to decide as there are many options. There is this morning Safari tour, evening Safari tour, overnight Safari tour, and many more. The overnight desert Safari tour starts just as the sun begins to set to enjoy a range of entertainment and cultural activities. The duration of this beautiful night goes to 12 hours to be entertained by life performances, a barbecue dinner, a special VIP tent-style camping, and sleep under the sky full of Stars. You get to rest overnight among the stretches of aesthetic golden sand in the central Arabian Gulf. But the most common Tour is the morning safari tour or the evening Safari tour.

  • Morning Safari tour

The morning Safari tour usually begins at around 4 am from the center of the Arabian Desert. You get to enjoy the beautiful rise. Sun rising from dusky orange Horizon up into the sky. In the evening Desert Safari tour starts at around 4 pm. In this kind of tour, you get to participate in different activities. Plus, you get to enjoy warm sunsets with the cool desert breeze hitting your face.

Desert Safari events

Check the Itinerary

After confirming your preferred tour provider and choosing the kind of Safari tour you want, it’s time to check the itinerary. You need to check what will be the plan throughout the tour, the pick and drop time, dinner options, activities included, the vehicle that will be provided, and so on. Usually, the itineraries include the pick and drop, the number of people they will be accommodating, and whether the transport will be shared or private. Furthermore, how much time will be given at each point or the activity?

Select the activities you like

VIP tours are all about your experience and preferences. The might be some itinerary which may not include the activities you want. Don’t worry, you can always customize the Desert Safari tour. The basic itinerary includes camel riding cod biking or maybe dune bashing as well. But you can always select the activities you want such as long camel rides, sand boarding, hot air balloon rides, HD camera photography, Dune buggy, etc. The more money masala you add the more VIP the tour will be.

Desert Safari Camel Ride

The inclusions of the package

Checking the inclusions and exclusions is very important. Be sure that you check what is included in your VIP Desert Safari tour. For example, for hotel transfers, you will be picked up by the tour provider from your hotel and will you be dropped back when the tour is over? Other things may be the VIP dinner buffet, private tent set-ups, or if traditional belly dance is included or not. It is important to know all these things beforehand. If these things are included well and good if not you can ask and get them arranged for you in the VIP desert Safari tour.

Book in advance

VIP desert Safari tours are very popular among tourists as they serve the utmost experience for a lifetime. VIP tours sell out quickly, especially during the peak season which is around winter from November to March. So it is advisable to book your tour in advance to secure a spot for yourself.

Enjoy the experience

Enjoy the desert Safari tour inclusions to make sure the experience is luxurious and mind-blowing. Captivate the desert landscapes of Dubai from pick up to drop off service from your hotel in a comfortable 4×4 vehicle. VIP guests get to enjoy quad biking, thrilling dune bashing, sand boarding, and peaceful slow camel rides. Upon arrival at the desert camp, the scrumptious buffet dinner is served. The buffet features a variety of international and traditional Arabic dishes. While enjoying the delicious buffet the visitors are mesmerized by the performances of belly dancers and Tanoura dance. This is how a VIP Desert Safari trip ends.

belly dancers and Tanoura dance in dubai desert safari tour


Dubai Executive Tours offers an unforgettable experience. You will surely enjoy exploring the desert and creating new memories. It is full of fun and exciting activities. There are plenty of things to do for everyone. The Dubai Executive Tours will make sure that your experience is unique whether it’s a falconry display, traditional painting, or starlet barbecue dinner.


Above is a complete guide to booking a VIP Desert final tour in Dubai. Here you also learn how to choose the best Dubai desert safari tour company. The guide includes all the important Points to look at. Firstly you need to research the tour providers and you decide the kind of Safari you want. Check the itinerary and the activities you want to enjoy. Carefully check the package to know what is included. And you book the desert Safari tour in advance. After that is the time you enjoy the experience!

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