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How to choose the best Dubai Desert Safari Tour Company

How to choose the best Dubai Desert Safari Tour Company?

Visiting Dubai is much more than just shopping and food. From adventure, thrill, fun, and entertainment to taking a break from life, people travel to Dubai for all kinds of reasons. And the Desert Safari Tour is all that excitement you need to fuel yourself. There are several Dubai tour companies offering a wide range of services. So, it can be confusing and overwhelming to choose the best. Let’s get started with all the information you need on “How to choose the best Dubai desert safari tour company?”

Types of Dubai Desert Safari Tour to Choose

Desert Safari tours are very popular among the tourists. Tour companies in Dubai offer a wide range of types of Desert Safari tours. 

dubai desert safari tour types

1. Morning Desert Safari

Morning Safari includes all the activities such as dune bashing sessions camel riding sand boarding or quad biking. Furthermore, You can choose to go on a hot air balloon ride to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the desert. It also includes a traditional Arabic breakfast. Experience the Adventure of Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai with Dubai Executive Tours 

2. Red Dune Desert Safari

If you’re a nature lover and want to have the time of your life, you should go for Red Dune Safari. It includes rare Flora and Fona, wildlife, and other side activities. After that, you are taken to the camp where served is scrumptious food and entertained by professional belly dancers. 

3. Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight desert Safari is for you if you can get enough of beautiful stretches of Arabian desert. Activities are included like evening dune bashing sandboarding and camel riding in the desert. Later you are taken to the Bedouin desert camps. There you enjoy other activities and dine in front of a bonfire. 

4. Evening Desert Safari Tour


The evening desert safari tour is six hours of experiencing the thrill and excitement. The desert is full of crazy peaks and falls. Experience the essence of Arabian culture in the desert and indulge in their lifestyle in Bedouin camps. The night ends with belly dancing performances and a delicious dinner is served. 

Evening desert safari tour

Tour Provider

Tour providers offer packages, and it’s needed to research their services, compare them with others, and read customer reviews before making a decision. Very few companies are original desert safari providers.

Wholesaler or Safari Provider

A company can be a wholesaler or a safari provider. Wholesalers sell their services to various suppliers but do not have any means of option. On the other hand, a safari provider conducts the tour, allowing for more flexibility in making amendments or special requests. Research the reputation of the company for a successful safari experience. These companies have better control regarding special requests, changes, or amendments to the desert safari package

Freelance staff or Company Staff

It is important to have a knowledgeable safari guide, and it is necessary to find out whether the company can ensure that a professional person will lead the safari. Some companies depend on freelance staff, who may not be as attractive as the company’s staff. A company that promises a safari guide with company-trained skills in First Aid, product knowledge, safety, and customer service will provide the greatest service.

Campgroup and size

Many tourists don’t know that there are different types of camps when getting into desert Safari tours. There are shared camps with other companies that can be budget-friendly and are good for value for money. Secondly, there are large private camps that accommodate about 50 to 600 guests. It is a good option if you are comfortable around a lot of people, but it can be a problem. As it is a very busy desert there can be a long buffet line and a lack of personalization to the tour. 

group desert safari tour booking

Next, there are small private camps that accommodate around a hundred guests. Their services are of a higher level and more customized. They are best for couples, families, or special occasions. The last type is a private setup. It is the ultimate safari experience, more of a luxury tour. There is complete privacy and quality is assured. Choose the best, one that suits you.

Customization and Personal Preferences

As you know, there is no such thing as one size fits all. The same goes for the Dubai desert safari tour. The tour needs to be custom and personalized according to your personal preferences. You need to consider the duration for how long you want to be there. What age group you are going with? Whether you are a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or going for a yearly trip with your family, or you’re going with your friends. Is it the morning desert Safari you want to go to or the evening desert Safari tour? So look for a company that tailors your tour plan according to your personal preferences.

Activities and Food Options

Dubai Desert Safari is not only about roaming in the stretches of golden sand. It is a whole lot of adventure fun and thrill. Dune bashing is preferred if you want a thrill and adrenaline rush. It is not for the fainthearted. It is generally a 10 to 30-minute adventure. But if you are more of a calm and relaxed nature, then you should go for a while life drive. These are long calm drives in nature that last for over an hour. Then there is camel riding, a peaceful ride through the culturally enriched sands of Dubai desert safari. Other than this quad biking and sandboarding are also offered. And of course, belly dancing and Tanoura dancing are a tradition to experience on a Desert safari tour.

Activities and food options during desert safari tour

The other aspect of the Desert Safari tour is the food options. One can live without anything but food is very important. While choosing the company ask for what is on the menu of your Safari. There is authentic Arabian cuisine and also International food options as well as fresh and hygienic. Although both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served. Overall it can be a unique and incredible experience. Having food in the desert Camps can be a game changer for a foodie. 


These steps can help you give amazing desserts Safari experience. Safety instructions are very important before any adventurous sport like Dune bashing sand boarding or quad biking. Safety should be the top priority when selecting a dessert Safari tour company. You should check whether the company has a good safety record. Please make sure the company you opt for is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Also, stay alert! Do not take too many valuables with you. Just a little cash and a camera to capture the memories and you are good to go.

Be it a morning desert safari or an evening desert safari tour, all in all, the Dubai desert safari tour can be an exotic experience for you. So choose your tour company wisely. Select the company and the package that has value for money, and caters to all your preferences. And, this is what we do at Dubai Executive Tours. We plan and tailor each tour according to your satisfaction. Get the best deals for your upcoming Dubai Desert Safari tour!

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