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Experience the Adventure of Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai with Dubai Executive Tours

An awesome adventure with the best Dubai tour company, Dubai Executive Tours’ Sunrise Desert Safari. Plunge yourself in the beauty of nature with the alluring Dubai desert. While the sun is climbing up and the colors all around are turning golden, you can appreciate a tremendous extent of golden sand lying out there. The soundscape of the morning desert safari tour is only disturbed by the tiny whispers of the wind sweeping through it. It seems that such a mystical thing happens, which is deeply rooted in the characteristics of this amazing event. Throughout the journey from dawn to dusk, the thrill and amazement of encountering a breathtakingly diverse setting where you are at the wheel with a morning desert safari tour of Dubai Executive Tours is heightened.

Why Should Choose Dubai Executive Tour?

We are the remarkable choice for a morning desert safari tour for several cases. Our emphasis on quality is ensuring when booking right from the moment of leaving till you return, you will be assured of quality. Comfort and satisfaction of the clients are our main concerns and the primary goal. Therefore, we will make sure that you will be pleased with our services to the full extent.

For your morning desert safari tour, there will be an extremely thrilling program prepared for you starting at breakfast time to fit your experience of the beauty and tranquility of the morning desert safari tour. We don’t rush it like other tour operators and we live through the small moments while others speed the morning desert safari tour. Our professional guides will withhold what information they have about the desert ecosystem, wildlife, and the local culture, which will definitely make your experience memorable and sufficiently educative as you will gain insight into the morning desert safari tour.


We offer a variety of activities among which you can choose from all of which you can find satisfaction in. If you fall under the category of diehard adventurer, you are likely to cite that you would like to give a try to dune bashing and quad biking. Moreover, if a more peaceful experience is your idea of being on vacation, we have exactly what you are looking for, and it is camel riding and sandboarding. Our tours can be arranged to be tailor-made, thus giving the customers the freedom to choose what kind of tour they want for their morning desert safari tour.

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Exciting Activities Await

Get excited to experience an unforgettable adventure at our private morning desert safari tour. The thrilling experience awaits. Our specialists will never let luxury compromised through their paying special attention to all aspects of your experience, from the beginning until the end. Our ride will take you from your hotel to the amazing desert geography in a deluxe automobile.

Additionally, you can relax on the road as you enjoy the magnificent scenery. At the journey, the competent guide will tell you the interesting perspectives about the various aspects of the Dubai including the culture and the history by telling you the immersing experiences of the rich region’s heritage. After we get in the desert, you will be so rewarded by the beautiful views and so abundant of ways to be able to discover. From mind-blowingly fast dune bashing, that will put your heart into over-drive mode, to the mellow pace of camel rides tailored for the more relaxed travelers, our morning desert safari tour appeals to everyone. Let the best Dubai tour company help you indulge in unforgettable journey that will be a part in your lifetime memories forever.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an off-road journey at fast speed levels, is enough, sometimes to bring you on top of the dunes, where you can just feel the excitement, the speed and the fun. Get ready to enjoy a stunningly thrilling roam over the golden sand dunes of Dubai. With our professional drivers you will be in the best hands. The rough terrain will make your morning desert safari tour a thrilling and memorable encounter.

Fun fact: The most imposing sand dune in Dubai is called Big Red and which towers over 300 feet high. Its sloping location provides the perfect terrain for dune-bashing.

Quad Biking or Polaris Buggy

It is quite extreme for the daredevils! Quad biking or Polaris buggy will do if you want adventure consistently. Get excited by the morning desert safari tour landscape and try out a quad bike that will be powerful enough to cross even the sandy ground. Have a fabulous time riding on the dirt roads. Our well-seasoned and competent trainers guarantee safe rides and give you adrenaline rush the same time.

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Camel Riding


Dive into a once in a lifetime habbit of camel riding which is an optional form of transportation in the deserts that has been used since time immemorial. These camels, friendly to both you and your camera equipment, will guide you on a serene morning desert safari tour as you watch the sun coming up and be taken away by the soothing of the desert scenery.

Do you actually know that camels are truly excellent for living in deserts? Their features include such as eyelashes that are long to protect their eyes from sand and have a deserved ability to close their nostrils to keep dust away during sandstorms?


Feel the excitement of when you slide on sand board which is a board for sliding down from smoothened sandy slopes. The sandboarding activity is to experience an exciting sport. Our instructors will be at your service and lend the necessary equipment coupled with the guidance to make your experience safe and memorable.

Fun fact: Sandboard is a thrilling game in itself as well as a great way to visit the morning desert safari and appreciate the magnificent nature.

Breakfast in the Desert

Following the morning desert safari tour you will then be invited to experience a high-class breakfast in a Bedouin encampment which is true to traditions. Try out different local cuisines and beverages as you sway along with the belly dancers and the live music. The desert gives a soothing effect and a magical experience at sunrise. You can just sit and enjoy the nature to your heart’s desire.


Booking Information

Have a lifetime thrill and feeling of the magic of the Dubai morning desert safari tour. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – secure your spot of Morning Desert Safari with the best Dubai tour company now. Contact Us now at +971506195711

Take a unique leap to a thrilling excursion experienced in the Sunrise Desert Safari Tour offered by Dubai Executive Tours. What makes us stand out from the crowd is our dedication which you will find in the broad spectrum of breath-taking adventures that ranges from dune bashing and sandboarding to camel riding.

The tour will allow you to experience a rare combination of a sunrise and a trip through the beautiful Dubai desert. You will be able to see the sunrise over a sea of sand dunes, the vast expanse of which will make you feel as free as a bird. Experience the astonishing magic of a morning desert safari tour in Dubai by booking this tour option today and realize the charm of the morning sun on the desert. Experience top Dubai tours with the best tour company where you’ll never forget the fantastic experience you’ve got to live.

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